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Power Saver 1200

Since our very beginning, we at JC Solar, LLC. have made it a point to stay current with all evolving technologies in residential solar energy – then to pass those services on to the homeowner for great energy savings and a safer footprint on our environment. It’s for this primary reason that we recommend and professionally install the cutting-edge Power Save 1200 in residential homes.

The Power Save 1200 unit is unique in that it provides energy savings by reducing the amount of power drawn from your utility with the use of specially designed harmonic resistant capacitors. All Power-Save 1200 systems optimize each home’s power factor thus reducing the amount of energy the home’s motor loads use such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, furnace blower motors, fans, etc. Motor loads require more energy to do their work compared to other electrical equipment in your home. The Power-Save 1200’s “power factor optimization” significantly increases the efficiency of a given motor load and stores waste energy resulting in decreased demand and usage of electricity from your utility company. This equates to significant cost savings for every homeowner who has one installed.

Power factor is the measurement of how efficient an electrical system is using the energy delivered by a utility company. The Power-Save 1200 technology has a proven track record of increasing a home’s “power factor rating” to .95 or better.

Power-Save 1200 technology provides Surge and Spike Suppression, a feature that will help protect and extend the useful life of a home’s electrical equipment. Typical homes in the United States are bombarded with literally hundreds of surges and spikes a day that damage sensitive electrical equipment over time. The external lights on the Power-Save 1200 system provide an easy visual indicator that the system is protecting a home.

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