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Leasing Solar Panels vs. Purchasing

If you’ve been contemplating giving your home a switch towards solar power, you may have already learned that solar panels are available to you through both a leasing or purchasing option. With over 15 years in the home improvement and residential solar installation industries, the experienced experts at JC Solar, LLC are available to make the greatest recommendations that are truly right for you and your family.

While leasing your solar panels may seem to be the most cost-efficient option, the truth is that you can still end up paying a great amount towards the energy itself. By purchasing the solar panels for your home, you not only own the most modern and efficient equipment, but align yourself for the greatest number of monetary benefits and tax incentives.

A key reason that buying a solar power system, whether outright or through a loan, can help you maximize financial benefits is through a valuable tax credit. The U.S. government currently offers a 30% tax credit to people who purchase a solar power system and have it installed by December 31, 2019. If your federal taxes are high enough to qualify for the tax credit yourself, then buying a solar power system is likely to produce greater long-term energy cost savings than a lease.

  • You want to pay less for electricity, be more energy independent, and save the planet.
  • You want to own your solar panels.
  • Your federal tax status qualifies you for the solar investment tax credit.
  • You are focused on maximizing the financial benefits of going solar.
  • Full 25-year system warranty, monitoring, and performance guarantee.
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