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Solar Inverters

At JC Solar, LLC, we believe that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a second to ruin it, which is why we take immense pride in giving each one of our customers only the highest quality products, and customer service – provided by our solar panel and roofing experts. We stand by every one of our projects with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

JC Solar, LLC. believes that it’s our responsibility to make the world a better place, one household at a time. This world is ours to care for. JC Solar, LLC takes that responsibility seriously as our dedication to the families we serve.

With that crucial mantra in mind, we offer a wide array of solar power services and options for you and your home – including solar inverters, which can be perfectly paired with your solar panel installation.

There are three types of inverters commonly used in solar power systems:

  • Microinverters: A microinverter is a small inverter situated close to a solar panel, which converts the DC electricity produced by a single panel. Because they work with single solar panels, microinverters allow your array to continue working even if one-panel malfunctions. They are highly efficient and come with industry-leading warranties, however, they’re more expensive than other types of solar inverters.
  • String Inverters: This is a common inverter type for both home and solar power systems. String inverters are robust, and inexpensive compared to other inverter types, but they don’t have panel level monitoring, and their high voltage may present a potential safety hazard.
  • Central Inverters: These are designed for larger arrays, and they basically function as a more consolidated version of string inverters. They have a low capital price per watt, and are relatively easy to install. The downsides of central inverters are their size, potential noise pollution, and the fact that if one part of an array fails, the entire system may do so too.
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