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Choosing JC Solar for your solar panel installation in Washington DC means aligning with a company that prioritizes excellence, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to quality is evident in every project we undertake.

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Expertise and Experience: Our seasoned team, with extensive experience in solar and home improvement, ensures your solar panel system is installed efficiently and effectively, maximizing performance and savings.

Premium American-Made Products: We exclusively use top-quality American-made solar panels and equipment, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and superior performance.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, standing by our work to ensure you are completely pleased with your solar panel installation.

Join the numerous satisfied customers in Washington DC who have trusted JC Solar for their solar energy needs and experience the benefits of partnering with a reliable, trustworthy provider. Get your FREE estimate today!

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Solar Solutions in Washington DC

At JC Solar, we deliver tailored solar panel installation services to meet the distinct needs of Washington DC homeowners. Our solutions are engineered to provide exceptional quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

Solar Products & Services

  • Battery Back-ups
  • Professional Installation
  • Custom Solar Panel Systems
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Roofing Solutions

Discover the advantages of our high-quality solar panel installations in Washington DC and embrace the future of renewable energy today.

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Going Solar in Washington DC

Washington DC has made impressive strides in solar energy adoption. As of 2024, Washington DC ranks among the top cities in the United States for solar capacity per capita, with over 140 MW of installed solar capacity. This is enough to power approximately 25,000 homes. The district’s solar market has seen significant growth, with solar prices dropping by about 45% over the past decade, making solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners​.

  • 1

    Return On Investment

    Investing in residential solar panel installations in Washington DC offers an attractive return on investment. Homeowners can take advantage of federal incentives like the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and DC-specific incentives such as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and robust net metering policies.

    On average, Washington DC homeowners can expect to recoup their investment within 6-8 years, thanks to substantial savings on electricity bills and additional income from selling SRECs, which can fetch around $400 each​ (Ref: EnergySage)​​.

  • 2

    Reduced Electricity Bills

    Installing solar panels in Washington DC can significantly reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bills. By generating your own electricity, you decrease your reliance on the grid, leading to immediate cost savings. With the district’s net metering policies, any excess energy produced by your solar panels can be fed back into the grid, earning credits that offset future utility costs. Given the average electricity rate in Washington DC of approximately 13.26 cents per kWh, these savings can accumulate quickly, providing substantial financial benefits over time​.

  • 3

    Property Value Increase

    Homes with solar panel systems in Washington DC typically see a significant increase in property value. On average, solar panels can add about 4.1% to a home’s resale value​​. Additionally, Washington DC offers a property tax exemption for solar installations, ensuring that homeowners do not face higher property taxes due to the increased value from solar panels. This exemption allows homeowners to maximize the financial benefits of their solar investment without additional tax burdens

Searching for a Solar Contractor in Washington DC?

Look no further than JC Solar, your trusted partner for expert solar panel installation contractor in Washington D.C.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

At JC Solar, we pride ourselves on delivering a smooth and efficient solar panel installation experience tailored specifically for Washington DC homeowners. Our thorough approach includes:

  • Personalized Solar Consultation

    We kick off with a comprehensive consultation to understand your energy needs and assess your home’s suitability for solar panels. This session covers your energy goals, current usage patterns, and the myriad benefits solar energy can bring to your home.

  • Custom Solar System Design

    Leveraging the insights from our consultation, our team crafts a solar panel system designed to meet your unique requirements in Washington D.C. Our goal is to maximize energy production and savings, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

  • Professional Solar Installation

    Our skilled technicians oversee the installation process with meticulous attention to detail. Using only high-quality, American-made solar panels and equipment, we ensure lasting performance. Our installation is designed to be hassle-free and minimally intrusive, maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout the project.

  • On-Going Support

    Our dedication to your satisfaction continues long after the installation is complete. We provide extensive aftercare services to ensure your solar panel system remains in top condition. Our team is always ready to answer any questions and address any concerns, offering you continuous support and peace of mind.

The Cost of Solar in Washington DC

Installing solar panels in Washington DC involves various factors, including the size of the system, the quality of the equipment, the chosen installation company, and the incentives available. According to Energy Sage, as of 2024, the average cost for solar panels in Washington DC is about $3.09 per watt​.​​

Average Cost of Solar Installation in Washington DC

In Washington DC, a typical 5 kW solar panel system costs approximately $15,450 before incentives. After applying the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the cost is reduced to about $10,815. For a larger 10 kW system, the initial cost is around $30,900, which decreases to approximately $21,630 after the ITC​​.

These incentives, combined with long-term savings on electricity bills, make solar energy a smart financial decision for Washington DC homeowners. The district also offers lucrative Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), allowing homeowners to earn additional income by selling these credits to utilities, which helps offset the initial investment and accelerates the payback period​.

Taking advantage of federal tax credits and local incentives, Washington DC residents can make a sustainable and cost-effective investment in solar energy, ensuring both financial and environmental benefits for years to come.

Factors that Influence Cost

1. System Size

The size of your solar panel system significantly impacts the upfront cost. Larger systems, while more expensive initially, generate more electricity, offering greater long-term savings and quicker payback periods​ (EcoWatch)​.

2. Equipment Quality

The quality of the solar panels and inverters you choose affects both cost and performance. Higher-quality equipment, though more expensive, typically provides better efficiency and longevity, resulting in more savings over time​.

3. Incentives and Rebates

Federal and local incentives, such as the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Washington DC’s Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), can significantly reduce the initial cost of installation and improve overall return on investment​.

4. Financing Options

Your choice of financing—whether through loans, leases, or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)—influences your total financial commitment and payback timeline. Each option has different implications for ownership and savings​​.

5. Electricity Rates

Washington DC’s average electricity rate is approximately 13.26 cents per kWh, which helps maximize savings from solar energy. Higher utility rates mean greater financial benefits from generating your own power​ (EDGE Energy)​.

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Top Benefits to Solar Energy

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bills
  • Earn an Excellent Return on Your Investment
  • Protection From Rising Energy Costs
  • Boost Your Property Value
  • Increase United States Energy Independence
  • Create Jobs and Boost Your Local Economy
  • Protect the Environment
Learn More About Washington DC Tax Incentives

Washington DC Solar Incentives

  • Federal Tax credit 30%
  • DC SREC for every 1,000 kWh you generate you qualify for an SREC. The value of the SREC in DC is $400.

Read More About Solar Incentives Here

Federal Tax Credit 30%

Washington DC homeowners can take advantage of the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which covers 30% of the total solar installation cost. This incentive applies to the entire system, including equipment, labor, and permitting fees​​.

DC Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

Homeowners in Washington DC can earn one SREC for every 1,000 kWh of solar energy produced. As of 2024, each SREC can sell for up to $400, providing an additional income stream that can significantly enhance the financial return on your solar investment​.

Property Tax Exemption

Washington DC offers a 100% property tax exemption for solar energy systems, meaning that the increased property value from solar installations does not result in higher property taxes. This allows homeowners to maximize their investment without additional tax burdens​.

Solar for All Program

The Solar for All Program provides free solar installations for low-income households, reducing electricity bills by up to 50%. This program helps ensure that all residents, regardless of income, can benefit from solar energy​.

Community Solar Opportunities

For residents who cannot install solar panels on their property, community solar projects offer a great alternative. Subscribers to community solar projects can purchase shares of solar energy generated at a centralized location, receiving credits on their electricity bills and reducing overall energy costs​.

Washington DC Solar Policies and Initiatives

Washington DC has implemented several robust policies and initiatives to encourage the adoption of solar energy, benefiting both homeowners and businesses. These measures include legislative programs, financial incentives, and community-driven projects aimed at making solar energy more accessible and affordable.

Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act

Signed into law in 2018, this landmark legislation mandates that 100% of the electricity sold in Washington DC must come from renewable sources by 2032. The Act includes provisions to double the required amount of solar energy deployed in the district and improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. This comprehensive plan supports both large-scale and residential solar installations, driving significant investments in clean energy​​.

Solar for All Program

The Solar for All Program aims to extend the benefits of solar energy to low-income households in Washington DC, with a target of reducing their electricity bills by 50% by the end of 2032. This initiative has already installed over 160 community renewable energy facilities (CREFs), providing bill credits to thousands of income-qualified families. The program is funded by the Renewable Energy Development Fund and managed by the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) and Groundswell​​.

DC Solar Expansion Acts

Proposed legislation such as the Local Solar Expansion Amendment Act and the Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) CREF Amendment Act are set to further boost the solar market in Washington DC. These acts aim to increase the solar carve-out in the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 15% by 2041 and maintain high values for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), ensuring long-term profitability for solar investments​ (Honeydew Energy)​.

Net Metering Bill

Washington DC’s net metering policies allow homeowners to earn credits for excess energy produced by their solar panels, which can offset future utility costs. The bill, set to return in 2024, aims to expand net metering thresholds and enhance consumer protections, making solar energy more financially attractive and accessible to a broader audience​ (WaSEIA)​.

By leveraging these policies and initiatives, Washington DC residents can significantly lower the costs associated with solar installations and enjoy substantial long-term savings. JC Solar remains updated on these policies to help homeowners maximize their savings and achieve energy independence.

Areas Served

JC Solar is a licensed solar system provider serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Arizona. Here are some of the most solar-friendly areas in Washington DC, known for their favorable incentives, supportive solar policies, and high rates of solar adoption:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Petworth
  • Shaw
  • Columbia Heights
  • Anacostia
  • And many more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do solar panels affect my property value in Washington DC?

    Installing solar panels can significantly increase your property value in Washington DC. Studies show that homes with solar energy systems tend to sell for more than those without. Additionally, Washington DC offers a property tax exemption for solar installations, ensuring that the added value from solar panels does not result in higher property taxes​.

  • What are the main incentives for solar energy in Washington DC?

    Washington DC offers several incentives to make solar energy more affordable, including:

    • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
    • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
    • Property Tax Exemption
    • Solar for All Program for low-income households
    • Community solar opportunities for those unable to install panels on their property​.

  • Do you have to clean solar panels?

    Yes, cleaning solar panels can be important to maintain their efficiency. Dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris can accumulate on the surface, reducing their ability to capture sunlight. Regular cleaning, typically once or twice a year, ensures optimal performance. Rain can help clean the panels, but manual cleaning might still be necessary depending on the local environment​.

  • How are solar panels attached to the roof?

    Solar panels are mounted to the roof using a racking system. This involves attaching brackets to the roof rafters, installing rails onto these brackets, and then mounting the solar panels onto the rails. This secure attachment ensures that the panels withstand various weather conditions while maintaining the integrity of the roof.

  • Does Washington DC provide enough sun to make solar panels worth it?

    Washington DC receives an average of about 4.5 to 5 peak sun hours per day, which is sufficient for generating significant amounts of solar energy. The combination of sunlight availability and high electricity rates makes solar panels a worthwhile investment in the district.

  • How much energy does a typical Washington DC household consume?

    The average household in Washington DC consumes about 10,400 kWh of electricity per year, which is around 867 kWh per month. This level of consumption supports the viability of solar panel installations, offering substantial potential savings on electricity bills​.

  • Can a historic home in Washington DC have solar panels installed?

    Yes, it is possible to install solar panels on a historic home in Washington DC, but there are additional considerations and regulations to follow. Here are some key points:

    1. Historic Preservation Review: If your home is in a historic district or is individually listed as a historic property, you will likely need to go through a review process with the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) or the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB). This process ensures that the installation does not adversely affect the historic character of the building.
    2. Guidelines and Restrictions: The HPO has specific guidelines for solar panel installations on historic properties. These guidelines typically aim to minimize the visual impact of the panels. For example, panels might need to be installed on the rear or side roofs where they are less visible from the street, or they may need to be mounted flush with the roof surface to reduce their visibility.
    3. Permitting Process: In addition to the historic preservation review, you will need the standard building and electrical permits required for any solar installation in Washington DC. Your solar installer can help navigate this process, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.
    4. Approval Timeline: The review and approval process for historic homes can take longer than for non-historic properties. It’s important to plan for this additional time when considering your solar installation project.
    5. Benefits and Incentives: Despite the additional hurdles, installing solar panels on a historic home can still be financially beneficial. Washington DC offers robust incentives like the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), which can help offset the costs.

    For more detailed information and guidance, you can consult resources like the DC Historic Preservation Office and work with a solar installer experienced in navigating the requirements for historic properties​.