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Addressing 4 Common Concerns People Have About Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Are you a homeowner with concerns about installing solar panels? You’re not alone but we’ve addressed for of the major ones here.

Any new technology takes time for consumers to adopt it and that’s certainly true of solar panels. While solar has been around for decades now, it’s only recently that most homeowners are familiar with solar panels and we’re seeing widespread installation of solar panels. Still, there’s some big misconceptions and concerns out there that many people have. Let’s take a look at four common concerns homeowners have about solar panels.

1. Solar Panels Are Unattractive

Of course aesthetics are entirely subjective, but modern solar panels have changed in design. These days, they are sleek and compact, and because of their minimalist design, can be incorporated into most kinds of home designs. There’s a wide range of products available out there, but these days, many solar products are sleek and compact.

2. You Have to Pay an Installer

It might seem initially frustrating that you’re unable to do the job yourself, but involving an expert isn’t all that difficult. Thanks to their expertise and experience, working with an expert not only guarantees that you will have a properly installed system, but that you can get the most out of it as well. A good solar installer will know how to optimize your system to make it function the best it possibly can.

3. Solar Doesn’t Help at Night

Many people may initially be disappointed when finding out that they can’t just hook some panels up to their home and be independent of the grid. Many people these days are investing in home battery solutions for a reason, as that’s the only realistic way to use your power at night. Sure, solar power is typically used in real time, but there’s still plenty of savings to be had and it’s an investment for the future when battery technology has caught up.

4. Solar Panels Are Bad for the Environment

As with any manufactured product, making solar panels does have an environmental impact. That’s true of any method of generating energy. Solar panels are nonetheless one of the least-polluting forms of energy generation and, provided you work with a good installer who can find the right panels for you, you can really use this as an opportunity to minimize your carbon footprint and do some good for the planet.

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