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What is the Longevity of Solar Panels in Alexandria?

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Learn why the solar panels in your Alexandria home may last for a long time.

It seems like a lot of technology is disposable these days. For instance, your cellphone lasts a few years before you must get a new one, or you are lucky to get a full four years of college out of a laptop. So, it’s no wonder some homeowners in Alexandria, Virginia are concerned that solar panels will experience the same longevity problem. Fortunately, solar panels may last for a long time. Let’s learn why.

Solar Panels are Simple

Solar panels are somewhat simple pieces of technology. Unlike other devices, they don’t have any motherboards, digital processors, or fans. Consequently, this signifies that a few moving parts may break or wear out. It also indicates that solar panels usually require little-to-no maintenance. In addition, solar panels include glass-protected solar cells, often made of silicon. This simple design enables solar panels to outlast other modern tech devices.

Longevity Wins

Today’s solar panels have been enhanced in several ways: they are lightweight, produce more energy, and look stylish. However, older solar panels have been working for over three decades. Also, as technology enhances, these panels will last longer. That’s why at JC Solar, LLC, we guarantee our panels for 25 years – parts and labor. Unlike a standard power warranty, this is also a linear power warranty, which creates a linear curve of power loss over two decades, so you know exactly what to expect from your system in your Alexandria home.

Efficient Solar Panels

The point is that we are not claiming that your panels will last forever because they will start to lose out on some efficiency in noticeable ways after 20 to 30 years. This is due to water exposure and temperature fluctuations. Still, that’s a much better investment than most equipment pieces out there. So, you can ensure you will get a solid return on investment in the coming years.

Tips to Keeping Panels Lasting Longer

  • While rain is typically enough for cleaning your solar panels in Alexandria, VA, you might want to consider a professional cleaning if you discover they are not fully functioning.
  • Routine maintenance checks will assist in keeping your solar system’s panel performance running efficiently.
  • Lastly, team up with a solar provider like JC Solar, LLC! We take pride in installing top-quality products made in the United States.

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