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The Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar Panel

Let’s take a look at a rundown of what the solar panel installation process looks like.

Solar panel installation has become easier as technology has progressed, though it’s still a pretty complicated process. Part of being a good consumer is knowing some of the nitty gritty details behind how products come to be and taking a look at your solar panel installation is no different. Here’s the rundown.

Finding an Installer, Getting an Estimate

The first step is to research and find a solar panel installer. Ask friends, neighbors, do online search, look into free quotes, so on and so on. Once you’ve found your solar installer, you need to get an estimate. This depends on your utility bills, the age of your roof, how your roof is shaped, and so on. Be sure to find someone who will educate you on the incentives of solar!

Home and Site Evaluation

During this phase, your installer will determine what kind of panels, inverters, and other components you may need. They will make an appointment to take a look at your roof, attic, and even your home’s electrical system to properly evaluate what your needs are. They also determine the best spot to mount all the hardware you’ll need to run your system.

Design and Permitting Step

After all the measurements and info has been gathered, your installer creates a site design plan that includes how many panels you need and where they’ll be placed. It’ll also make sure everything is up to code. These plans are submitted to your city and county permitting departments as well as your utility company. Provided you’re working with the right experts, you should get it all approved within one to three months.

Solar Panel Installation

Actually installing the solar panels may be the easiest part for the homeowner. Sometimes you’ll need to be present when the installers come to let them onto your roof or to give them access to your electrical system, but typically, you won’t have to do much else. Solar installation usually takes between one to three days but this is of course dependent on the size of your system. After all this is said and done, your installer will double check their work and you will be ready to reap the benefits of going solar.

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