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4 of The Biggest Benefits of Going Solar

Going Solar

If you’re considering going solar, keep in mind these four big advantages.

There are many benefits associated with incorporating solar energy into your home’s energy system. Although it’s gaining popularity among home owners, there are others that are still seeking more information before they make the change. Here are four of the biggest benefits of going solar.

Lower or Eliminate Energy Bills

Using solar energy can help you lower or even eliminate your energy bills. Many homeowners see this benefit as one of the best on the list. In some cases, especially during times of the year with extended sun exposure, you may even generate more energy than you consume which would completely eliminate your energy bill. On cloudy days, homeowners draw energy from the grid. Solar energy generated from panels do continue to draw energy from the sun on cloudy days through indirect or diffused sunlight.

Earn Credits and Rebates

The federal government offers tax credits for installing solar panels. You can receive up to 30 percent of your total system costs back from the equipment and cost of installation. You may also be eligible for state and local credits. The point of these programs is to encourage homeowners to install solar systems to get more of the population to use renewable resources for energy. Solar panel systems typically come with a payback period of three and a half years and the panels themselves have a warranty of 10 years with an expected useful life of 25 years.

Start Saving Immediately

The annual energy expenditure per person is $3,052. After making the initial investment of installing a solar panel system, you’ll see that energy expenditure greatly decreased or even eliminated, immediately after completing the installation. Because capturing the power of the sun is free, these savings will be long-term and sustained. Now that so many people are beginning to understand the benefits and value of solar panels, the system will also increase your home’s value. An added benefit that people may not realize is that solar panels extend the life of your roof because it won’t be exposed to the elements that it otherwise would.

Benefit the Environment

The energy that solar panel systems generate from the sun is clean and pure. This means that solar energy is incredibly beneficial to the environment. It helps combat greenhouse emissions and lessens our dependence on fossil fuel. Renewable energy also helps minimize pollution in the air, allowing us to breathe cleaner air.

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