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What to Know Before You Go Solar

Solar Panels

There are some considerations to make before you really commit to going solar.

Because solar is still a relatively new technology, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Nonetheless, many of us find solar panels to be appealing: having control over our own power seems so unlike every other alternative out there. There can be a lot of pitfalls when going into the world of alternative energy, so it’s important to arm yourself with the facts and enter any negotiations as a well-informed consumer who can self-advocate.

Reduce Energy Consumption Beforehand

Take the time to have a home energy audit performed by a professional to see where and how you’re losing energy—and what to do about it. Taking the time to do some energy retrofits and purchase smarter in the future can save you a good deal of electricity. When you end up making the big switch to solar, this increases the effectiveness of your panels and reduces your reliance on the grid. If you get your bill low enough, you may not even need additional energy from the grid.

Defining Your Needs

A common mistake many homeowners will make is to take a look at their energy bills from the past few months and then immediately purchase a system that matches those kilowatts. This doesn’t account for how your energy needs differ throughout the year, though, as our bills tend to fluctuate with the seasons. It also doesn’t account for panels aging and becoming less efficient.

Getting Insurance

Solar panels tend to be installed under pretty great warranties, but insurance is still always a good idea. This will end up minimizing your overall risk. If there are any malfunctions with the panels or issues with your roof, you’ll be glad that you were fully protected. Don’t expected consistency from insurance providers, however, as some ensure panels directly, whereas others add the value to the home, whereas some don’t even cover solar. Make sure you’re asking the right questions.

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