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Advantages of Having Solar Battery Backups in Your Arlington Home

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Now is the ideal time to consider adding solar battery backups in your Arlington, VA, home.

Whether you already have a complete solar system or are just beginning your solar journey, now is the ideal time to consider adding solar battery backups in your Arlington, VA, home. From lower bills to utility businesses’ independence, solar batteries have many advantages. Let’s explore them!

Lower Energy-Saving Bills

Even though solar battery backups are not cheap, they are an excellent long-term investment that pays off times fold. Over time, you’ll notice the savings add up on your energy bill – beyond what you would save with only solar panels. An example of accruing cost savings with battery storage is by reducing your demand charges. Some commercial utility companies implement demand charges based on the amount of power you consume simultaneously. Also, you may program a solar battery system to provide power when you have a higher demand.


Generally, when we think about solar battery backups, generators are the first thing that comes to our mind. However, solar battery systems require little maintenance when installed and operating. In contrast, generators require fuel. If you don’t have sufficient fuel stored, you might be in a pickle because gas stations cannot pump fuel if the power is out. Alternatively, solar batteries can refuel themselves with solar energy, so you don’t have to worry about your backups.

Moreover, generators are known to be noisy, whereas solar batteries are as loud as humming refrigerators. With a battery system, you may still have backup power that won’t disrupt your sleep or daily activities.

Solar Batteries are Eco-Friendly

Besides being noise-friendly, your solar battery backups are also eco-friendly. Unlike generators, they don’t require fossil fuels to produce polluting gas emissions. You also don’t have to worry about producing more waste or increasing your carbon footprint since solar batteries obtain power from the sun. By using renewable energy, you will contribute to a cleaner planet. Most importantly, your solar battery backups will last a long time.

Obtain Tax Credits and Rebates

If you install solar batteries, you can take advantage of tax credits for solar installations. If you are considering installing solar on your home in Arlington, Virginia, this year, please consider adding solar battery backups simultaneously. You will still qualify for credit even if you add energy storage to an existing solar power system.

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