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Solar Installer in Arizona

Choosing JC Solar for your solar panel installation in Arizona means partnering with a company that values excellence, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every project we undertake.

Why Choose JC Solar?

Expertise and Experience: Our experienced team, with extensive knowledge in solar and home improvement, ensures your solar panel system is installed efficiently and effectively, maximizing performance and savings.

Premium American-Made Products: We use only the highest quality American-made solar panels and equipment, guaranteeing durability and superior performance.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, standing by our work to ensure you are completely satisfied with your solar panel installation.

Join the many satisfied customers in Arizona who have trusted JC Solar for their solar energy needs and experience the benefits of partnering with a reliable, trustworthy provider. Get your FREE estimate today!

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Solar Solutions in Arizona

At JC Solar, we offer customized solar panel installation services designed to meet the unique needs of Arizona homeowners. Our solutions are crafted to deliver exceptional quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

Solar Products & Services

  • Battery Back-ups
  • Professional Installation
  • Custom Solar Panel Systems
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Roofing Solutions

Discover the benefits of our high-quality solar panel installations in Arizona and embrace the future of renewable energy today.

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Going Solar in Arizona

Arizona has made remarkable progress in solar energy adoption, becoming a leader in the U.S. for solar capacity. As of 2024, Arizona ranks among the top states with over 6,457 MW of installed solar capacity, enough to power approximately 1.2 million homes​ according to the Arizona Technology Council. The state’s solar market has grown significantly, with solar prices dropping by about 70% over the past decade, making solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners.

  • 1

    Return On Investment

    Investing in residential solar panel installations in Arizona offers an excellent return on investment. Homeowners can benefit from federal incentives like the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Arizona-specific incentives such as net billing and property tax exemptions.

    On average, Arizona homeowners can expect to recoup their investment within 6-8 years, due to significant savings on electricity bills and the high solar output in the state.

  • 2

    Reduced Electricity Bills

    Installing solar panels in Arizona can significantly reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bills. By generating your own electricity, you reduce your reliance on the grid, leading to immediate cost savings. With Arizona’s net billing policies, any excess energy produced by your solar panels can be fed back into the grid, earning credits that offset future utility costs. Given the average electricity rate in Arizona of approximately 12.45 cents per kWh, these savings can accumulate quickly, providing substantial financial benefits over time​

  • 3

    Property Value Increase

    Homes with solar panel systems in Arizona typically see a significant increase in property value. According to recent studies, solar panels can add about 4.8% to a home’s resale value in Arizona.

    Additionally, Arizona offers a property tax exemption for solar energy equipment, ensuring that the added value from solar installations does not result in higher property taxes.

Searching for a Solar Contractor in Arizona?

Look no further than JC Solar, your trusted partner for expert solar panel installation in Arizona. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality solar solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

At JC Solar, we pride ourselves on delivering a smooth and efficient solar panel installation experience tailored specifically for Arizona homeowners. Our thorough approach includes:

  • Personalized Solar Consultation

    We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your energy needs and assess your home’s suitability for solar panels. This session covers your energy goals, current usage patterns, and the numerous benefits solar energy can bring to your home.

  • Custom Solar System Design

    Using insights from our consultation, our team designs a solar panel system tailored to meet your unique requirements in Arizona. Our goal is to maximize energy production and savings, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

  • Professional Solar Installation

    Our skilled technicians manage the installation process with meticulous attention to detail. Using high-quality, American-made solar panels and equipment, we ensure lasting performance. Our installation is designed to be hassle-free and minimally intrusive, maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout the project.

  • Ongoing Support

    Our commitment to your satisfaction continues long after the installation is complete. We provide extensive aftercare services to ensure your solar panel system remains in top condition. Our team is always ready to answer any questions and address any concerns, offering you continuous support and peace of mind.

The Cost of Solar in Arizona

Investing in solar energy in Arizona is both environmentally and financially smart. With average costs ranging from $2.45 to $3.25 per watt, a minimal 5 kW solar system typically costs between $12,250 and $16,250 before incentives​​. We typically recommend a more powerful system to take advantage of the Arizona sunshine. A more expensive upfront costs but will yield a greater return on investment in the long run.

Federal and State Incentives

The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a 30% tax credit, reducing the upfront cost of a 5 kW system to approximately $8,575 to $11,375. Arizona also offers the Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption and the Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption, eliminating sales and property taxes on your solar equipment​​.

Benefit from Abundant Sunshine

Arizona enjoys about 300 sunny days per year, making it ideal for solar energy production. This high solar irradiance ensures maximum electricity generation, leading to significant savings on electricity bills. Most homeowners can expect to recoup their investment within 6 to 8 years​​.

Quality and Professional Installation

Investing in high-quality, American-made solar panels and inverters ensures better efficiency and durability. Choosing a reputable installation company like JC Solar guarantees proper installation and peak system performance.

The Cost of Solar System Components

Investing in solar energy involves several key components and services that contribute to the overall cost. Here’s a breakdown:

Battery Back-ups

Battery backups store excess energy and provide power during outages. They typically can cost between $5,000 and $7,000 per unit​.

Professional Installation

Professional installation includes labor, permitting, and inspection fees, generally ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. A reputable installer ensures compliance with local codes and optimal system performance​.

Solar Inverters

Inverters convert DC to AC power. High-quality inverters, like those from SolarEdge, cost between $1,000 and $3,000, enhancing efficiency and monitoring capabilities.

Custom Solar Panel Systems

Custom solar systems are tailored to your energy needs, including system size and panel layout, adding about 10-20% to the base cost of the panels​.


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Top Benefits to Solar Energy

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bills
  • Earn an Excellent Return on Your Investment
  • Protection From Rising Energy Costs
  • Boost Your Property Value
  • Increase United States Energy Independence
  • Create Jobs and Boost Your Local Economy
  • Protect the Environment
Learn More About Arizona Tax Incentives

Arizona Incentives

  • Federal Tax credit 30%
  • Net billing solar export credit (varies by utility)
  • State Residential Solar Tax Credit – 25% of system cost, up to $1000 claimable up to 5 tax years.
  • Property tax exemption on equipment value
  • Solar equipment sales tax exemption

Read More About Solar Incentives Here

Battery Incentive Programs

In addition to solar incentives, Arizona offers programs to reduce the cost of energy storage. Homeowners who install energy storage systems are eligible for the federal residential clean energy tax credit, which provides a 30% tax credit on the cost of solar batteries, the same credit available for solar panels​.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

Arizona homeowners can earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) for the electricity their solar panels produce. These credits can be sold to utilities to help offset the cost of the solar system, providing additional financial benefits.

Federal Tax Credit 30%

Homeowners in Arizona can benefit from the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which covers 30% of the total cost of installing solar panels. This significant incentive helps reduce the upfront cost of solar energy systems.

Arizona State Incentives

While Arizona does not offer a state tax credit specifically for solar installations, homeowners can benefit from several other incentives:

  • Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption: Solar equipment is exempt from state sales tax, reducing the overall cost.
  • Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption: This exemption ensures that the added value from installing solar panels does not result in higher property taxes.

Net Billing

Under Arizona’s net billing system, homeowners receive credits for excess energy produced by their solar panels, which can be used to offset future utility costs. This policy helps maximize the financial return on your solar investment​

Arizona's Solar Policies and Initiatives

Arizona has implemented several robust policies and legislative initiatives to promote the adoption of solar energy. These measures aim to make solar power more accessible and affordable for residents while advancing the state’s renewable energy goals.

Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST)

The Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST), established by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), mandates that regulated utilities generate 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. Of this, 30% must come from distributed energy sources, such as residential and commercial solar installations​.

Senate Bill 1417 – Property Tax Exemption

Senate Bill 1417 provides a property tax exemption for renewable energy equipment, including solar panels. This legislation ensures that the increased value from solar installations does not lead to higher property taxes, allowing homeowners to maximize the financial benefits of their solar investments

Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption

Arizona offers a sales tax exemption for the purchase of solar energy equipment. This policy reduces the upfront cost of installing solar panels, making it more affordable for homeowners to transition to renewable energy​.

Community Solar Programs

Community solar programs in Arizona enable residents who cannot install solar panels on their properties to benefit from solar energy. These programs allow individuals to purchase or lease shares in a community solar project, receiving credits on their electricity bills for their portion of the energy produced.

Senate Bill 1175 – Distributed Generation Bill

Senate Bill 1175, also known as the Distributed Generation Bill, supports the development of small-scale solar projects by simplifying the interconnection process and ensuring fair compensation for the energy generated. This bill appears to have died on the senate floor, but may be reintroduced in the future.

Areas Served

JC Solar is a licensed solar system provider in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Arizona. Here are some of the most solar-friendly areas in Arizona, based on incentives, solar policies, and overall solar adoption rates:

  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Scottsdale
  • Flagstaff
  • Mesa
  • And many more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I install solar panels on a flat roof in Arizona?

    Yes, solar panels can be installed on flat roofs. Special mounting systems are used to tilt the panels at the optimal angle to capture the most sunlight. This setup ensures that even homes with flat roofs can benefit from solar energy. Professional installers will assess your roof and recommend the best configuration for maximum efficiency

  • What maintenance is required for solar panels in Arizona?

    Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove dust and debris and periodic inspections to ensure all components are functioning correctly are usually sufficient. Most solar panels come with a warranty of 20-25 years, during which manufacturers often provide maintenance support. Additionally, monitoring systems can alert homeowners to any performance issues, allowing for prompt maintenance

  • What is the lifespan of solar panels installed in Arizona?

    Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Over this period, their efficiency may decrease slightly, but they will continue to produce electricity. Advances in solar technology and proper maintenance can help ensure that panels operate effectively throughout their lifespan, providing long-term energy savings​.

  • How does Arizona's climate affect solar panel efficiency?

    Arizona’s hot climate can impact solar panel efficiency slightly, as high temperatures can reduce the panels’ ability to convert sunlight into electricity. However, the state’s abundant sunshine compensates for this loss, ensuring high overall energy production. Modern solar panels are designed to operate efficiently in a range of temperatures, and professional installers can optimize the system to maximize performance.

  • Are permits required for solar panel installation in Arizona?

    Yes, permits are required for solar panel installations in Arizona. Homeowners need to obtain building and electrical permits from their local government. Additionally, approval from the utility company is required to connect the solar system to the grid. Professional installers typically handle the permitting process to ensure compliance with all local regulations.