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How Solar Attic Fans Can Benefit Your Allentown Home

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Many homeowners in Allentown, PA, are installing solar attic fans to help minimize their cooling needs and save money simultaneously.

Summertime has arrived in Allentown, PA, so we are taking cooling our homes seriously. You might not realize it, but your attic is one of the significant shields your house has against heat. The summer sun beams on your roof, and your attic absorbs all that energy. This then transfers around the framing of your home, heating the places you live in. Therefore, this increases the load of your air conditioning system, increasing your overall electricity bill. That is why many homeowners are installing solar attic fans to help minimize their cooling needs and save money simultaneously.

Why are Solar Attic Fans Ideal?

Solar attic fans deliver significant energy savings; however, it depends on how much attic space you have in your Allentown property, the efficiency of your current attic insulation, and how much ventilation your attic already has. Since the fan operates off of solar energy, you end up saving money, unlike with other kinds of powered attic fans. If your energy bills are incredibly high in the summer, it might be worth checking if your attic is poorly insulated and would benefit from an attic fan.

Cools Your Attic

A great perk about solar attic fans is that they cool down your home’s attic. Cooling down your attic is the easiest way to keep your home cool. When you keep hot air, you keep out of your attic – more hot air will remain outside your house. Also, this will keep your attic free from dust and filth. In addition, solar attic fans will keep your home’s temperature low to keep cooling costs down.

Powered by Solar Energy

Solar attic fans are less costly to operate because they are powered by the sun. This signifies that you don’t need any electricity from your business or home to power them. Fortunately, this saves money on your electricity bill and is also eco-friendly. Solar attic fans also take less energy to function, making them a more appealing option than electric-powered attic fans.

Less Expensive than Full Ventilation Systems

Solar attic fans usually cost less and are easier to install than a complete ventilation system. They require less time and have a less intrusive installation process than other systems do.

Attic Venting in Allentown, PA

Many homes in Allentown already have some passive attic venting built into them. This allows cool air to enter via the attic, heat up from the sun, and then exit through vents at the ends of your home’s roof. When it exits, it leaves behind a negative pressure that contributes to pumping in new cool air. Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement, making your attic even more ventilated. Doing so will pump hot air out quicker, and cycling the air will prevent your house from heating up.

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