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How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Installation Mistakes

Solar Panel Installation

If you’re going through the solar panel installation process, there’s a lot to think about. Just be sure to avoid these major mistakes along the way.

Investing in clean, renewable energy with solar panel installation is both financially and environmentally beneficial. Following these three crucial steps will help you avoid the most common solar panel installation mistakes.

Get multiple quotes on a system

Obtaining a quote is more accessible than ever with online solar calculators. Multiple quotes assist the decision-making process and help sift through the overwhelming excess of information provided by competitors. The price range of solar panel installation is incredibly expansive and changes over time. Residential solar systems were priced at $5 per watt two years ago. Now, some quality solar companies are quoting prices as low as $3.50.

With all the conflicting information present, it is important to do diligent research and obtain at least three quotes.

Check the reputation of the solar company

Unfortunately, quality is inconsistent among the solar installer community. Thoroughly researching the reputation of the solar company is crucial.

Solar panel installation is a lengthy procedure and must be conducted attentively to ensure longevity for the system. Choose a highly ranked, reputable company that you can trust with this transformative process.

Learn how to calculate your savings from the switch to solar energy

Solar energy presents a significant financial advantage over traditional, electrical energy sources. Equip yourself with the resources and knowledge to calculate your savings in energy costs.

Solar savings are calculated based on three factors: location, the utility company and electricity usage. Use an online solar estimate calculator to receive live pricing. Without the necessary knowledge and resources, many consumers are persuaded to opt for packages that are covertly more expensive.

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