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4 Reasons You May Want to Build a Green Home

Green Home

Looking to benefit the environment and build a green home? There are some big benefits to doing so.

The concept of “green homes” and environmentally friendly building practices have been gaining more and more popularity over the past decade. These homes focus on sustainability, using nontoxic and recyclable building materials, and being energy efficient. For already-existing homes, you can upgrade your sustainability simply by installing solar panels. Nonetheless, more people out there are looking to build a green home from top to bottom so it’s important to understand how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Let’s take a look at four reasons you might have an interest in building a green home.

1. Water Efficiency

Many people don’t realize it, but most means of generating energy also use water in some capacity. In fact, by some accounts, power usage is related to around 15% of global water usage. Solar panels don’t use any water aside from the occassional wipe down to clean them off. If saving water is important for you, solar panels are actually a fantastic way to do so.

2. Preserve Energy

When you come to rely on your own energy and stop having to feed off the grid, you’re less likely to waste energy. Knowing that your power is generated by your own solar panels can make you a bit more aware of how much you’re using. In the end, this leads us to do simple little things like turning the lights off when we leave the room or only doing a load of laundry when we really need to.

3. Spend Less

Solar panels may cost more than hooking up the grid upfront but you can quickly recoup those losses. If you plan on living in your home for years to come, solar is a fantastic way to save on your utility bills and become more self-sufficient. There are also big tax credits that can come along with installing solar panels and are a great incentive to build a green home.

4. Sell Your Home Easily

Think about how trendy solar panels have become. They started out as fairly niche but these days, you’re likely to see solar panels just about everywhere. Other green features like energy efficient windows and appliances are the same way. These ideas have staying power and will only keep going up in interest, which by extent, means they will continue to go up in value. Down the road, it may be easier to sell your green home than it would be to sell your home otherwise.

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