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What Bad Habits Are Wasting Energy in Your Home?


Break these bad energy habits to make your home more cost-efficient and sustainable.

It’s only natural to have a few bad habits. Many of them are harmless, just those little ticks who make us who we are but we might want to work on. Some, though, can have some pretty bad and lasting impacts. Bad energy habits can lead to big bills that drain you of your extra spending money and have negative impacts on the environment as well. These are some majorly bad energy habits to avoid forming or, if you’re already doing these things, to work on.

Leaving on the Lights

When we were children, we may have found our parents’ constant desire to have the lights turned off while not in use to be a bit of a hassle. Now that we’re older, though, it’s time to take stock of that advice. Just one light fixture with two 60-watt bulbs, if left on for eight hours every weekday, adds about $25 per year to your bill. This is why it’s important to switch the lights off even if you’re just walking from room to room, but especially so if you’re going to be leaving town for a bit.

Not Maximizing on Dishwasher Efficiency

Dishwashers are all about convenience so it’s no wonder that we sometimes pop in a partial load and let it do its work. Dishwashers also draw a ton of electricity though, and if you’re using your washer every day, it can add up to $70 per year to run it. Simply by cutting down on your dishwasher use–and only utilizing it when you really need to because you have a full load to do–can have a significant impact on your energy use.

Leaving Your Thermostat Be

When you’re headed out the door for vacation or even just to go to work, it’s easy to forget about your thermostat. People tend to only remember their thermostat when something is wrong and the temperature doesn’t feel quite right. Many homeowners forget that their thermostat exists when leaving the home, but turning your thermostat back–especially when you leave the home–can save you between 5 to 15 percent a year on your heating and cooling bills.

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