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What Kinds of Solar Energy Technologies Are There?

Solar Energy

Solar energy can come in a few different forms–which one is right for you?

“Solar energy” broadly refers to any energy that comes from the sun. Many kinds of energy can be traced back to the sun, even wood or biofuels are the result of sunlight providing plants with the ability to grow. When we talk about “solar energy technology,” however, we’re referring to energy that is derived directly from sunlight. There are two primary ways we get solar energy: solar panels and concentrating solar power.

Solar Photovoltaics

Solar photovoltaics is a fancy word for solar panels. The effect that makes solar panels work, known as the photovoltaic effect, was discovered back in 1839 by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist. His work wouldn’t really come into fruition until the 1940s when solar panels were first made. The technology has expanded to become even more useful and effective, and these days, it’s a huge asset in powering homes and businesses across America in a green way.

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power is very different from solar panels. This technology utilizes reflectors that concentrate sunlight onto a high-efficiency solar collector. This then heats up a fluid such as water or molten salt, which produces steam that drives an electric generator. Concentrated solar power plants are often massive, with even the smallest plans generating roughly 1,000 times the amount of power that comes from most rooftop systems.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is simply when the energy from the sun is used to heat certain things directly. For example, solar water heating can provide hot water for a building by running that water past a solar energy collector before it is sent back into the building. Solar heating is also an effective method of keeping a home warm during those colder months!

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