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How Do Solar Panels Impact Selling Your Home?

Solar Panels

One concern some homeowners have when purchasing solar panels is whether or not it impacts selling their home later.

There seems to be a lot of confusion over how your solar home is handled once it’s sold. Some articles you may have seen may actually hint that solar panels can reduce the chances of you selling your home and make it more difficult, though this doesn’t seem to be the case. In reality, having solar panels already installed on your home is a strong selling point. Typically, transferring a solar agreement is as easy as transferring any other kind of utility service, but do solar panels have any impact on how you sell your home?

Solar Sells

Since solar is still a relatively new piece of technology, there’s a lot of confusion about it. This can sometimes lead realtors to not knowing how to properly sell a home that has solar panels. The good news is though, if you find a realtor with knowledge of what solar panels bring to the market, it can make selling a home much easier. People want to buy homes with solar power for the same reason we install panels for so many people out there: going green is a feel-good achievement and saving money is always a plus. Homebuyers will also love the idea of the work already being done, so there’s potentials for big returns on investment.

What Are Fixture Filings?

When considering a transfer, look for a fixture filing. These aren’t liens and don’t prohibit home sales or refinancing at all, but they do prohibit anyone other than the solar provider from taking over ownership of the solar power system without permission to do so. Solar systems are nonetheless are a personal property and should be transferable between homebuyers and sellers.

Be Sure to Involve Your Solar Company

If you’re selling your home and you have solar panels installed, it’s wise to contact your solar provider early in the process. This way, they can educate the home seller’s realty agent if necessary and talk to them about the transfer process, making it much easier for everyone involved and arming your realtor with the proper knowledge to be able to sell the home.

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