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Would Your Home Benefit From Solar Attic Fans?


Solar Attic Fan

A solar attic fan may lower your monthly utility bills by a significant amount.

Spring is beginning to warm up and that means we’re taking cooling our homes down seriously. You may not realize it, but your attic is one of the biggest shields your home has against heat. In a few months, the summer sun will beat down on your roof and your attic will start absorbing all of that energy. This then gets conducted through the framing of your home and starts heating up the places you actually live in. This adds to the load of your air conditioning system and can increase your overall electricity bill. That’s why many homeowners are beginning to install solar attic fans to help reduce their cooling needs and save some money as well.

Attic Venting

A lot of homes already have some form of passive attic venting built into them. This allows cool air enter through into the attic, heat up from the sun, and then exit through venting at the ends of your home’s roof. When it exits, it leaves behind a negative pressure that helps pump in new cool air. Nonetheless, there’s always room for improvement and making your attic even more ventilated. Doing so will pump hot air out quicker and cycling the air prevents your home from heating up.

Why Are Solar Attic Fans a Good Option?

Solar attic fans can offer big energy savings but it all depends on how much attic space you have, how efficient your current attic insulation is, and how much ventilation your attic already has. Because the fan runs off of solra, you don’t end up spending extra money like you do with other kinds of powered attic fans. If your bills are exceptionally high in the summer, it may be worth checking if your attic is poorly insulated and would benefit from an attic fan.

Additional Benefits

Solar powered attic fans can also be beneficial in removing unwanted attic moisture or dampness which, if left unchecked, could lead to hazardous mold growth. Additionally, by taking some of the labor off of your air conditioning system, it will extend the life of any A/C units you’re using.

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