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How Do Solar Panels Attach to Your Roof?

Solar Panels

Ever wonder how solar panels actually get attached to a roof? We’ve got answers.

We get the most out of solar panels by installing them in the right places. Typically, this means installing them on rooftops as it offers a sturdy place that allows them to be hit by the sun. However, roof installation is also difficult and can raise a lot of questions for homeowners. The reality is, installing solar panels can often mean drilling large bolts into your rafters. There are different ways of attaching solar panels to your roof but let’s take a look at how it usually goes.

Drilling Into Your Roof

Panels aren’t actually attached to your roof, they’re attached to a mount that needs to be drilled into your roof’s rafters. The concern is that without the proper rack, enough air could catch under your panel and rip it off. Unless you have a standing-seam metal roof, your panels are going to be installed using a mounting system that must be drilled into your roof.

What Materials Need What?

It all boils down to what kind of material your roof is made of. With clay or stone tiles, you may need to remove those tiles, install the mounts and flashing, and then make proper cuts into the tiles so that there’s enough room for your mounting hardware. Wood shake roofs make things a lot easier. Still, you need flashing—to protect from water damage—that extends underneath the tiles that are higher on the roof. Asphalt composite shingles are also pretty easy for installers to work with.  

What Happens When You Need to Replace Your Roof?

As you might have guessed, replacing your roof is always going to be expensive. This doesn’t mean that popping off your solar panels is as much of a problem as you might think. If you’re already planning on replacing your roof, it is, however, advisable to do so before installing panels.

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