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3 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Solar Panel Installation

Avoid making these common solar panel installation mistakes.

Solar panel installation is a smart move on your part, both for the financial and environmental impact. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular, especially in regards to solar panel installation. However, installing solar panels is not as simple as just planting a few solar panels on the roof of your home. There are many common mistakes made before, after, and during solar panel installation and it would be wise for you to avoid them as best as you can. Several of these mistakes are things you may not even be really thinking of due to your excitement about installing solar panels. Take some time to read over these solar panel installation mistakes and be prepared to approach these problems in your own home before you are actually presented with them.

Going for the “Best” Deal

Just because you think you are getting a terrific deal, does not mean you are getting a terrific product. Solar panel installation is at an all-time low when it comes to costs, especially thanks to tax credits being as high as 30% being given out to homes that go solar. Many people know this, and many people are looking to take advantage of gullible customers wishing to purchase solar panel installation. Some solar panels are being advertised as cheaper, superior models when in reality, they are unapproved by a third party and do not come with warranties or repair services. So if they break on you, which they most likely will due to their inferior design, you will be out of luck.

Not Reducing

Solar panel installation is a great source to give your home renewable energy. Although, it can be problematic when it comes to energy consumption at times. If you are going to start relying on energy from solar panel installation, you will need to begin reducing the amount of energy your home uses to truly save on your electricity bills. Solar panels are not simply an easy fix to high electric bills. You also need to get use to reducing your intake as well.

Not Knowing What Your Roof is Made Of

Not knowing what kind of roof you have is a huge mistake in regards to solar panel installation. Depending on what kind of roof you have, can determine how the solar panel installation process goes. Although solar panel installation can be done on nearly every type of roofing there is, the timetable and difficulty will vary based on what materials your roof is made out of. For example, concrete tile is easier to install on then slate tile would be.

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