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4 Big Renewable Energy Advancements to Get Excited About

Renewable Energy

These changes in renewable energy are something worth getting excited about!

Here at JC Solar, we aren’t just excited about solar energy—renewable energy in general is of interest to us. Not only does it help clean up our planet, but it also saves many homeowners money. These advancements in renewable energy make for a better world and we’re excited to share them with you so let’s take a look!

Improved Storage

One of the biggest hindrances when we talk about renewable energy has long been the ability to store that energy and use it later. These days, there are more and more effective, simple, and affordable battery solutions that are able to store renewable energy so you can use it when you need it—rather than when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.

High-Efficiency Appliances

When it comes to renewable energy, it’s always important that we also keep usage in mind. These days, many modern appliances are far more efficient than they once were. As we start to put more Energy Star qualified appliances in our homes, we’ll see that our greenhouse emissions are going to drop massively—and it will also be easier to power these appliances through renewable energy.

Efficient Wind

Talking about renewable energy as a serious part of our future is hard because no one is certain what the solution, or solutions, will be. We’re confident that solar power will be a part of how we eventually move onto having cleaner energy, but that doesn’t mean that wind power doesn’t play a part in that, too.

Support for Solar

Okay, this one’s cheating a bit—but it’s true! We’re seeing more and more support for solar technology every day which means more people are saving money and saving the world. Solar power is a bipartisan issue that has gained support across a huge range of demographics, it seems that everyone—young and old, rich and poor—is supportive of solar power. Here’s to having a future with even more options regarding renewable energy!

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