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How Solar Panels Can Be Used to Prevent Power Failures

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to help keep your essentials up and running in the event of a power outage.

No matter the weather conditions, we all seem to be occasionally plagued by power outages. From hot weather, to thunderstorms, to snow-related issues, there are a number of reasons your power might cut out from time to time. Sometimes, it can be a pretty big deal to run out of power—food in your fridge starts to go bad, you can’t keep your phone charged in the case of an emergency, and you’re left in the dark in regards to when your power will come back. The good news is, solar panels and backup batteries may be able to help take the load off.

Drawing too Much From Transformers

Local power transformers are a sight you’ve likely seen—they’re large, can-shaped objects at the top of your utility poles. These were typically installed many years ago, some are outdated and can easily become overwhelmed by the increased amount of electricity most neighborhoods are using these days. If just one home has a solar power system and a battery storage setup to go with it, it can drastically reduce the burden on the transformer, making shutdowns less likely.

Why Aren’t Grids Being Upgraded?

Unfortunately, upgrading local power grids is incredibly costly, especially when you consider how many different parts need to be modernized in order to reduce the stresses. Solar systems tend to have a grid-tied solar system, meaning whatever excess energy you get from the solar panels gets fed back into the grid, powering your neighbors and allowing you to get credit for it all. However, once the sun goes down and you’re no longer generating any power, you’re just as reliant on the grid as everyone else. This means that once the power goes out, you’re just as impacted as your neighbors are.

How Can Batteries Help?

There’s a solution to this problem for solar panel owners: using a battery backup. If the power goes out, you’ll be fine to power everything you need for as long as your batteries will support. It may not be sufficient enough to keep your home theater cranking, but your fridge, lights, and ability to keep your phone charged will all be thankful that they’re still getting power.

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