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Why Do Solar Panels Cost What They Cost?

Solar Panels

Ever wondered how a solar installer comes up with the final bill? Consider all the elements that go into installing solar panels.

If you’ve shopped around for solar panels, you might see very different figures for what you’re going to end up paying. As a whole, the prices have dropped significantly even in the past five years alone. Still, looking at the numbers can cause many homeowners to feel intimidated and they want to be sure their money is going towards absolute necessities. Today, we’d like to take a look at how and why solar installers arrive at their costs and what really goes into making sure solar panels are properly installed.

What Are the Costs?

Hardware is usually the largest expense in any installation, sometimes accounting for over 25% of the total costs. This is because solar panels require quite a bit to go into them: everything from the panels themselves, to collectors, to batteries can become a part of your solar system.

Thankfully, the costs on hardware are dropping regularly due to improved manufacturing techniques and better technology. On the other hand, “soft costs” including permit fees, labor, transaction fees, and sales tax are being forced to increase. Most solar installers are doing everything in their power not to transfer those soft costs onto their customers however and in general, solar installation costs have gone down.

Can You Lower Those Costs?

As a consumer, you may be left wondering if there’s anything on your end that you can do to reduce your overall costs during solar panel installation. The most important thing you can do is fine a reputable installation company with financing options to suit your needs—including working with someone who can help find the right loan for you so you can purchase your panels outright, which saves you on costs long-term. Be sure to also talk to them about federal tax credits for new installations and even local tax incentives.  

What About Maintenance?

Over time, components do begin to wear out or get damaged. It’s important to make sure you’re aware of upkeep costs as well. You may need an annual inspection done and beyond that it all comes down to what kind of repairs or replacement you need. For an average solar system with around 5 panels, you can expect to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars a year to keep them running. This all varies depending on locality, the contractors you work with, and what kind of damage or wear your panels actually experience.

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