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Why Spring Cleaning is the Perfect Time For Energy Savings

Energy Savings

You may not know it but spring cleaning is the perfect time to start thinking about energy savings.

As the weather winds down for spring, many of us take this time to take a hard look at our lives and what we consider to be important. Spring cleaning is a great way to take stock of what you own, what needs to go, and even how you can adjust some of your day-to-day habits to improve your lifestyle. Before we head into the real energy-crunching months of summer, take advantage of spring cleaning to learn more about energy savings and what you can do to save some money.

Using Your Thermostat

While doing your spring cleaning, you’ll notice that it’s about time for a change in how you set your thermostat. Keep in mind we’ll be having longer days and warmer nights so it’s time to prepare. A general rule: set your air conditioning to 78℉ and the furnace at 68℉. Try playing around with settings and see what works best for you though.

Flip the Switch

Most ceiling fans actually have a setting to switch which way the fan rotates, meaning you can send air down to cool a room or send air up to warm it. If your home is starting to heat up, be sure that your fans are all turning counterclockwise to provide you with nice, cool air. Prop open some windows as well and you  can enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Essential Dusting

Dust is pesky for a lot of reasons but one you may not realize is that dust accumulation can mess with your energy savings. Everything from light bulbs to office equipment can end up using more energy when covered in dust, so it’s important to dust regularly. When dusting, be sure to leave doors and windows open to help get that dust out for good.

Vacuuming Properly

Dusting is great for most things in your home and that includes your dryer and refrigerator. Still, these sometimes have parts that are hard to reach or difficult to get fully clean, so it’s time to take to the vacuum. Try vacuuming your dryer vents and your refrigerator’s coils.

Going Solar

Now that we have the benefit of longer days, that also means more sunlight. Going solar is a great way to take advantage of that and start taking energy savings seriously.

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