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What Kinds of Alternative Energy Sources Are There?

Alternative Energy

There’s a lot of buzz about alternative energy options, but what’s actually out there for consumers and decision-makers to look at?

Homeowners and decision-makers alike are all looking into alternative energy options as the price of traditional means continues to climb, but there are quite a few misconceptions out there. Alternative energy sources are capable of powering houses, cars, factories, or anything that requires what we consider traditional energy, such as means that require fossil fuels. Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling technologies out there and clear up any misconceptions that may exist about the kinds of alternative energy options.


Some dams are built to store water, drive a water turbine, and subsequently produce electricity. This is commonly called hydroelectric power and has actually been adopted by a lot of energy experts. The advantage of this kind of energy generation is that the water being used is already available and reusable, dams are capable of providing continuous electricity generation, and that there are no chemicals involved in the process resulting in a clean, efficient means of producing energy.

Solar Power

Here at JC Solar, we advocate the use of solar power. This is clean power that can be generated during the day and even stored at night to help keep bills low. Additionally, it has the benefit of being able to be utilized anywhere the sun hits—even remote, rural areas that aren’t served by traditional energy providers. It’s also a renewable form of energy that we may as well be taking advantage of.

Wind Energy

Wind energy takes advantage of already-existing wind to propel the blades of a wind turbine, which is attached to an electric generator and creates wonderful, clean energy. Wind is less abundant than solar power, but nonetheless is a great complementary form of alternative energy and can help us keep up with our daily energy needs.

Biomass Options

Biomass energy is developed through the wastes of human and animal activities, including the by-products from agricultural endeavors, wastes from the timber industry, and so on. This is a fantastic option for alternative energy as it takes advantage of waste material that we’re already creating and incentivizes the use of those by-products. Think of it as a means of recycling but for energy!

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