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3 Major Reasons to Invest in Solar Power

Solar Power

Is investing in solar power right for you? Here are three major reasons you may want to consider it.

Alternative and renewable energy resources are being further researched and utilized to be fully operational and capable of powering your home. Solar energy is no exception to this, as it is proving to be one of the most popular choices to be power one’s home and their daily needs. However, if you are in need of convincing to switch to solar over your current energy source or other options, look no further because here are three major reasons why you should go solar immediately.

1.    Solar panels save money

First off, it has never been cheaper for you to power your house with solar energy. Solar panels are at an all-time low for installation costs, making now the time to pounce on getting them. If that is not enough to convince you, then take into consideration how it will affect your monthly bills. During the summer, your solar panels could potentially absorb so much power, they will allow you to build up a credit that will help you pay off the winter months when the sun does not shine as bright. You can also utilize your new solar power come tax season. If solar panels are installed before the end of 2018, you will receive a 30% federal investment tax credit as a reward for going solar.

2.    Reduces carbon footprint

Most common energy sources that power homes across America tend to leave a larger carbon footprint than desired. For example, the furnace in your home is one of the biggest culprits harming the environment as it is contributing to harmful greenhouse gases. By switching to solar power though, you are instantly using less CO2 meaning there are less CO2 emissions coming from your household, meaning that your home’s newfound solar energy is shrinking your carbon footprint.

3.    Power efficient

One of the worst situations to find yourself in is having no power in your home. Power outages in our technologically dependent age can prove to be detrimental at times. However, thanks to the battery backups you get from having solar panels, your home will be in relatively good standing if the power were to go out. Sure, you will not be able to do everything you normally do for long with just a battery, but the solar power inside them will help keep the lights on in your home and your phone charged. They will also make outages like the one in this scenario less likely as homes with solar power put less strain on transformers than homes without solar.

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