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How Can Seasonal Changes Impact Your Solar Panel Performance?

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Can weather changes have drastic impacts on your solar panel performance?

Changes in the season bring about a whole lot: different weather patterns, changes in daylight, how the leaves on trees may look. It can also have a noticeable impact on your solar panel system. In some instances, solar panels can cause your power output to flux by as much as 25%, which for homeowners truly invested in saving money and energy, isn’t something to bat your eye at. With the right equipment and know-how, however, you can keep your solar panel system doing the work you need.

Cold Weather & Snowy Conditions

Solar panels actually perform better in cold temperatures, but that doesn’t mean that snow is beneficial. When snow sits on top of your system, it should come as no surprise that the light is unable to pass through, thus limiting your production. If snow is a concern, the orientation of your panels can make a big difference—horizontal mounting prevents snow from gathering around the edges.

What About Hot Weather?

As we mentioned, solar panels perform better in the cold, so while a warm sunny day may seem ideal, that isn’t always the case. It’s a common misconception that heat is a key part in solar power generation but it’s really all about light. When purchasing your solar panels, be sure to consult with your solar professional to determine whether or not your panels are susceptible to slowed-performance due to heat. Knowing the details of how temperature can impact your energy output can save you a lot of trouble later on when you realize you’re suddenly not getting as much energy from your system as you once were.

Considering Angles

The angle of your solar panels can impact productivity by a lot. During summer, light hits your solar panels more directly which is why it is best to tilt your panels at least twice a year. During the summer, you’ll want them at a lower angle, whereas winter calls for higher angles to capture the most amount of winter light possible. Tilt your solar panels by about 15 degrees either way though.

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