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How Do We Move Past the Early Adopter Phase of Solar Power?

Solar Power

Making solar power go mainstream is a big goal, but how is it starting to happen already?

We’ve seen huge growths in the solar power sector. In 2017, we had installed over 49.3 gigawatts of installed capacity—”enough to power 9.5 million homes,” according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Nonetheless, it still feels as though solar power is just getting started. The changes we’ve seen in the last decade have been monumental and soon enough, we’ll see the market adopting solar panels beyond those early adopters who hopped in early and got some great savings as a result.

Economics Drives Investment

We’re seeing the cost of solar panels drop constantly and it’s more viable now than ever for your average homeowner to invest in solar power. When we talk about the prospect of being able to save money on utility bills, most homeowners would jump at the chance—it’s all about creating a lower barrier of entry, or how much the consumers are paying upfront, and educating people on what solar power can do for them.

Developing Broader Access

We’ve seen a lot of independent contractors offering up solar power services which has been paramount in getting more homeowners the benefits of solar power, but there are a few things that need to change as well. For one, solar panels need to be installed on a roof, which drastically limits the clientele that are able to install the systems. Nonetheless, we’re seeing more communities installing solar panels to benefit an entire neighborhood rather than just one home.

What’s the Future of Solar?

Thanks to advances in tech as well as manufacturing, we’re likely to see even more price cuts in solar power, making it a more realistic option for homeowners. We also have to rely on lawmakers to push solar, too, though so contact your local politicians if solar is a concern for you!

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