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Why You Should Invest in Solar Energy for Your Maryland Home

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Why should you invest in solar energy for your Maryland home?

The sun is an undefeatable renewable energy source, providing the Earth with more energy in one hour than the world’s population consumes in one year. Solar panels make sense if you are seeking ways to increase sustainability in your Maryland property. But are they significant financial investments? Let’s explore the reasons why you should invest in solar energy for your home.

Property Values Will Increase

Buyers are significantly interested in eco-friendly homes, and a pre-installed solar panel system is a great bonus! As more home buyers become informed about the benefits of solar energy, the demand for properties with solar panels will continue to grow. If your home already has a solar energy system, it becomes precious to home buyers. Get started with a free solar analysis by filling out this online form.

Free Electricity

If you view your solar power system as a financial good, you can expect it to produce yearly returns ranging up to 30% with time. While this might depend on your state’s incentives and tax rebates, it’s estimated that a homeowner can pay off a solar power investment by offering free electricity and reducing energy bills. Today’s solar panels can last up to 25 years with few maintenance fees. As a result, this instantly generates savings for more than 20 years even if the solar energy panels do not create 100% of home energy consumption.

Excellent Maryland Tax Incentives and Rebates

A final reason to invest in solar energy in Maryland is for their tax rebates or other government incentives. Many tax credits and rebates are available to encourage homeowners to invest in solar power systems. For instance, you can receive 30% of your total system costs from installation and equipment as a federal income tax credit when you file your taxes. Besides the federal tax credit, Baltimore and Prince George County homeowners can receive a property tax credit of $5,000. Learn more by clicking here!

As you can see, several factors determine whether or not you should invest in solar energy. Yet as electricity prices rise and the cost of solar panel installation declines, a renewable solar energy investment seems like a smart choice.

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