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Why Do People Choose to Live Off Grid and How Does Solar Fit In?


Some people are opting to live off of the grid entirely these days and some of the benefits of doing so appeal to average solar users as well.

You may have heard the phrase “living off the grid” before and aren’t sure entirely what it means. It’s a lifestyle often associated with small homes, mobile homes, and other alternative styles of dwelling. Simply put, living off the grid simply means not relying on traditional form of utilities and generating your own power and water. This is done through a reliance on collecting rainwater, water from boreholes, and the use of solar panels. Let’s take a look at why one might choose to live off grid and how some of these benefits carry over to every-day solar users.

Energy Independence

For some people, the more disconnected you are from relying on others, the better off you will be. Some just feel uncomfortable relying on others, even for their utilities. By becoming more energy independent, you’re much better able to handle disaster situations where you may be cut off from the grid anyway, so some people would rather foster independence sooner rather than later. Adding solar panels to your home is a great way to dip your feet into grid independence.

Saving on Bills

Many who move off grid are trying to save money and escape debt. Energy bills can end up stacking up pretty quickly. For young families in particular, feeling as though the majority of your pay from your young career is going to bills can be somewhat disheartening. For those interesting in saving money for their future, solar is a viable option in taking control of your energy usage and lowering your monthly bills. Not only does utilizing solar cost a lot less in the long run, it also makes you much more aware of what your monthly energy use is and thus makes it easier to regulate your energy usage.

Going Green, Living Simply

A lot of the people moving into these alternate dwellings that aren’t on the grid are doing so to live a simpler life that is better for the environment. While going to that extent may not be a viable option, utilizing natural resources around you may help you feel like you’re doing a bit of good for the environment. Going solar is also a great first step in trying to live simply, reduce what you own, and reduce overall waste.

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